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פרופ' אילן רון מקצועיות | אנושיות | מסירות

Prof.Ilan Ron
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Types of counseling and treatment

Melanoma and skin tumors

Growing by Merkel | BCC | SCC

Melanoma is a cancerous growth caused by the uncontrolled division of the pigment cells. Most melanoma tumors appear in the skin as new or known moles that have changed their nature and shape. Melanoma can also appear in the eye, mouth and pharynx, digestive system and under the nails.

Tumors of the digestive system

Colon | Anus | Stomach pancreas Liver and biliary tract Esophagus Small intestine

Malignancies of the digestive tract is a group of cancerous diseases that include: cancer of the esophagus, cancer of the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, bile ducts, tumors originating in the liver, colon and rectum, rectum;

breast cancer

The initial signs of a tumor are a lump in the breast, changes in the shape of the breast, pulling of the breast skin, discharge from the nipple, a newly appearing pull on the nipple and sometimes a new red spot on the breast skin.

Medical opinions

Professor Ilan Ron Hino Appointed expert on behalf of

The courts and labor tribunals for providing medical opinions in oncology.


Ovaries womb | Cervix

Tumors of the female reproductive system mainly include ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and cervical cancer.

Most of the tumors appear following the hormonal change with the cessation of menstruation and the entry into menopause.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The diagnosis and treatment of cancer today is no longer the domain of a single doctor, but of a group of doctors (tumor board) that determines the methods of diagnostic clarification and, based on the results of this clarification, the corresponding treatment.


This team is managed and directed by an oncologist who has the spatial vision and horizon of the prognosis of the disease and the current knowledge of the variety of treatments that can achieve the best results in the immediate and future term.

פרופסור אילן רון - אבחון וטיפול
אבחון וטיפול

According to my therapeutic approach you are the patients

constitute the main thing and not your disease

פרופ׳ אילן רון  מומחה אונקולוגיה קלינית 

Prof. Ilan Ron

Specialist in clinical and radiation oncology

Professor Ilan Ron graduated from the Medical School in Be'er Sheva (MD), specialist in clinical oncology, radiation.

Has a graduate degree in oncology (BA) from the School of Continuing Medical Studies, Tel Aviv University.

Training and work in the USA at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, specializing in gastrointestinal cancer (stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines),

Melanoma, breast cancer and gynecological tumors.

Making contact and coordinating appointments

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